Gluten Free Pizza Dough – Enjoy Pizza without Complications

Nothing beats a fresh, hot pizza, straight out of the oven. Pizza is one of the world’s favorite food and with good reason – rich tomato sauce, velvety mozzarella cheese, and a perfectly baked crust is a winning combination. Just thinking about it makes you want to type in “pizza near me” on your phone and order a pie today.

Unfortunately, for people with gluten sensitivities, eating pizza dough can cause certain health complications. About 3 million Americans are currently living with Celiac disease, while about 18 million have some type of gluten sensitivity.

Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye, and other types of grains, and is a major component in bread, pasta, cereals, and yes, even pizza dough. For some people, this means they don’t get to eat pizza, pasta or sandwiches. Not even a slice of toast.

Tasting the Full Flavors of Life

Though gluten is found in many dishes, including pizza, gluten-free diets are no longer as restrictive as they were before. While people with gluten sensitivities in the past had to stop eating their favorite grain-based foods, there are now more gluten free alternatives available to them.

Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Gluten free pizza is available for those who want pizza without the complications. L’Appetito Pizza and Deli, an Italian restaurant in Naples, Florida, specializes in handmade New York style pizza with all the toppings.

The menu at L’Appetito (North Naples) and the menu at L’Appetito (Golden Gate Estates) includes options that cater to the gluten-free crowd. Along with pizzas in varying, mouth-watering flavors, they also offer Penne pasta! L’Appetito pizzas only use the best ingredients, baked to perfection, served hot and fresh out of the kitchen and ready for dine in or delivery.

If you love pizza, don’t let gluten sensitivity stop you. Everyone deserves to have a delicious slice of pizza.